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Contact Information for 84th Legislature

Thank you to Kelly Canon for spending your time to put this together.  We’re including them here.  Please share and please give credit to Kelly. 84th Legislature – House 84th Legislature – Senate 84th Legislature Committees House Senate

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Cloward-Piven Strategy: What is it and and how does it relate to voter fraud and the current border crisis.

The Cloward–Piven strategy is a political strategy outlined in 1966 by Columbia University sociologists and political activists Richard Cloward and Frances Piven. Their strategy called for the overloading and eventual collapse of the U.S. economy and welfare system in order to manufacture a crisis that would lead to a replacement … Continue reading

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POLL: Texas Railroad Commissioner: VOTE YOUR DECISION.. Early Voting Starts Tuesday, Feb. 18th and Runs through Feb. 28th. Primary is March 4th.

Their are four men running in the Republican Primary seeking to be our next Railroad Commissioner in Texas. Although the name is misleading, in that the position has nothing to do with “railroads”… it does have a lot to do … Continue reading

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Texas Voters Don’t Be Fooled – Nov. 5th Vote NO on Prop 6

The first thing a Texas voter needs to know before voting NO on Prop 6 is that it’s nothing more than a big money grab by our Legislature designed to profit many of the legislators themselves and more importantly many … Continue reading

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Come & Take It San Antonio

Stand up for our 2nd Amendment Rights.  Please make this event if you can.

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