Texas Voters Don’t Be Fooled – Nov. 5th Vote NO on Prop 6

NIX PROP 6 - Just say NO

What amounts to another Texas Legislature $2 Billion “money grab” from our “Rainy Day” fund is the underlying rational for Prop 6.

The first thing a Texas voter needs to know before voting NO on Prop 6 is that it’s nothing more than a big money grab by our Legislature designed to profit many of the legislators themselves and more importantly many of their campaign contributors.

Remember that in 2011 Texas voters approved Prop 2 allowing for 6 Billion in bonds for “water production projects” throughout the state. Why, when not one penny of that 6 Billion has been touched has the Texas legislature decided they need to rob our Economic Stabilization Fund, also known as the “Rainy Day” fund, of $2 Billion?

The simple and most honest answer is because they know that the average Texas voter won’t get informed enough to know that they really need to vote against it. Putting Prop 6 in with about 7 other Propositions that can be passed and it too will likely get passed. There are 9 propositions on the Nov. 5th ballot and other then Prop 7, which should also be a NO vote, the rest are relatively insignificant and will likely be passed. What the legislature also knows they can count on is that very few Texans will even bother to get out and vote in the Nov. 5th election.

Is anyone truly surprised that corporate cronyism is as alive and well in Austin as it is in Washington DC? Make no mistake, if Prop 6 is passed on Nov. 5th be assured lots of legislators and lots of their contributors will make lots of money.

Texas voters need to understand is that the 6 Billion dollar “credit card” given to the state in 2011 can only be spent on water production projects and is under legislative oversight to ensure that those bonds are spent solely as they were intended to be spent… Prop 6 on the other hand is basically cash being pulled from our Rainy Day fund that will NOT have legislative oversight, and will be used to leverage cheap money for local projects (estimated up to $30 Billion in projects)… projects like the Onion Creek River project outside of Austin that those “in the know” are apparently already grabbing land around so as to make sure they make lots of  money.

What I also find interesting is how some of our legislators are out peddling Prop 6 without really understanding what is behind it and are only doing so I believe because they have been told to.

Whenever you see Gov. Perry, David Dewhurst and Joe Strauss backing a proposition like Prop 6 and then you look at the companies, law firms, contractors, etc. backing it with big PAC money and the individual campaigns those companies contribute to… well it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why they’re pushing it…  and then also to know who’s going to be getting screwed in the deal… Texas taxpayers.

How long are Texans going to stand by and continue to allow this type of corrupt government… continue to elect those that either support it or are simply willing to turn a blind eye to it?

No one has yet provided what I believe to be a reasonable explanation as to why we need the $2 Billion from our Rainy Day Fund or why its better to push the debt down on the local municipalities and water districts when they are already supporting some 83% of the 233 Billion in debt that Texas is already carrying. If these projects were so important why did the 83rd session increase session-to-session spending by 26% (over $106 Billion increase) and not one penny additional was delegated to water  production projects or to even assist in the funding of those projects.

Again, the simple and most honest answer is because once again the Texas Legislature is grabbing money from Texans just because they can, something some of our legislators have become VERY good at.

Texas, isn’t it time to start saying NO to these type of deals, these “smoke & mirror” games our Texas legislature is so good at?

Early voting has started, get out and vote and on Nov. 5th help stop this money grab.

Vote NO on Prop 6 (and 7).

WAKE UP TEXAS... Vote NO on Prop 6

The approval process under Prop 6 to issue debt will be at the arbitrary discretion of the Water Development Board, which does NOT have statutory limitations requiring the funds be used only on water production projects… as it’s being sold as.




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4 Responses to Texas Voters Don’t Be Fooled – Nov. 5th Vote NO on Prop 6

  1. sedwardstea says:

    There’s not sufficient assurance that the true priorities will even get built, nor is there sufficient assurance that these projects will have adequate public input to protect rural Texans’ water from being heisted and used to feed urban developers pet projects. Since decisions will be made solely by the un-elected, crony-stacked Water Development Board and funneled through local water districts, there’s plenty of opportunity for unnecessary projects to be funded ahead of the true priorities. https://texasconservatives.wordpress.com/2013/10/15/public-drain-for-private-gain-prop-6-rural-water-raid-to-benefit-developers/

  2. I have to disagree RE: Prop 6 & your suggestion of a NO vote.
    In West Texas, water is CLEARLY NOT BACK TO NORMAL CONDITIONS! We are still on severe water rationing status here in San Angelo! Households & businesses are fined if usage exceeds a certain amount. Old, established trees (mostly pecan) are dying all over our area because of ongoing drought conditions and not being able to water them adequately. Some wells have gone dry or are nearly dry in outlying areas. Our lakes are extremely low with not much more than a year’s supply, even after some nice recent rains. Ground water usage is way up because of the oil boom in this region, which also means that gas prices are starting to go down across the state and country, so a double-edge sword. Although we are working in cooperation with surrounding towns & counties towards solving the problems ourselves thru several solutions, the West Texas region does need other statewide plans to secure our future.

  3. valagura@reagan.com says:

    What do you oppose Proposition 7?

    Elaine Valagura

    • sedwardstea says:

      Prop. 7 could increase the opportunity for
      corruption in local government by allowing city officials to
      avoid elections and appoint political allies.

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