We are Texas Conservatives — one of us a proud native Texan and the other got here as soon as he could.

If you consider yourself a “Texan” and you consider yourself a “Conservative” , than we would ask you join us and subscribe to TexasConservatives.org by providing your email to the right.

TexasConservatives.org is a “grassroots” effort to educate and spark the thoughtful, respectful,  intelligent and civil debate that will necessary to fuel the agreements and solutions in what is today, at all levels, Federal, State, County and City, a financially over-extended and dysfunctional government.

“This will be the best security for maintaining our liberties. A nation of well-informed men who have been taught to know and prize the rights which God has given them cannot be enslaved. It is in the religion of ignorance that tyranny begins.” – Benjamin Franklin

Our government is stagnated today with its politics, special-interest control and self-serving politician’s who can focus no further down the road than their next election. We the people though have to take the responsibility in that we continue to elect and re-elect these same establishment “bought and paid for”, self-serving, power-hungry politicians to represent us.  

What will it take for the American people to say “no more”?

As TexasConservatives.org hopefully grows in subscribers and followers,  maybe we can help open eyes, educate and motivate those who still don’t understand the threat, be a voice of reason to those willing to listen. For those that are not willing, author Ayn Rand famously wrote:

“Reason is not automatic. Those who deny it cannot be conquered by it. Do not count on them. Leave them alone.”

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