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Debunking Statement by Gov. Perry on Bills to Fund Transportation Infrastructure Projects

By Sheri Edwards, March 28, 2013 On Friday, March 8, 2013, Gov. Rick Perry today released the following statement regarding Senate Bill 1632 by Sen. Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa, House Bill 3665 by Rep. Drew Darby, and House Bill 3363 by … Continue reading

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Hate the Game, Not the Player – Texas State Representative Ed Thompson Deserves the Opportunity to Prove Himself

I picked up on an email thread this morning and it kind of “set me off” a bit in that I saw there was a very important point to be made to a fellow Conservative and Texas patriot. This friend … Continue reading

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Pearland City Council Majority Supports your 2nd Amendment Rights, Councilman Scott Sherman wants it known He Does Not !

For those who may not have heard… the Resolution to Protect and Defend the 2nd Amendment (RPD2A) was PASSED Monday, March 25th by the Pearland City Council.  Thank you to Councilmen Greg Hill and Keith Ordeneaux for pushing it through … Continue reading

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The ONLY Answer to the Current 2nd Amendment Debate

The only answer to the current 2nd Amendment debate, once again dividing this nation, would be a 28th Amendment repealing the 2nd Amendment… until that happens (certainly little chance of it) all gun law restrictions (infringements) are UNCONSTITUTIONAL… how much … Continue reading

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Democracy versus Republic: Very Important to Clarify

I got into a bit of a “discussion” the other day with someone who should have known better and referred to our country as a “Democracy”.  Ever since I started getting back involved a few years ago it has really irritated … Continue reading

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