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Whose Interests Is the House Freedom Caucus Considering?

The United States will reach the debt limit on November 5. If the limit is not raised prior to that point, the United States could default on its obligations, but that is not a likely outcome. Two days ago, Paul … Continue reading

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Wrap Up Of the TxGOP Convention – We Still Have Much Work To Do

I attended the convention, and was proud we were able to get a stronger platform without amnesty on the platform this year. ┬áJohn Boehner, et al., will not be able to point to Texas and say that we agree with … Continue reading

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Is Lack of Integrity in the GOP Leadership Hurting Galveston County Republicans?

By Sheri Edwards Several months ago, I was asked to be a TEA Party panelists for a Factions of the Republican Party panel held by Clear Lake Area Republicans. ┬áBarbara Meeks, Galveston County Chairperson, was a panelist for the establishment … Continue reading

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