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Whose Interests Is the House Freedom Caucus Considering?

The United States will reach the debt limit on November 5. If the limit is not raised prior to that point, the United States could default on its obligations, but that is not a likely outcome. Two days ago, Paul … Continue reading

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Co-founder of Texas Conservatives pens open letter to TX House 29 State Representative Ed Thompson

Dear Ed, I would like you to know the facts, rather than the talking points Joe Straus gives.  A priority for the legislature should be on closing our border, which I discussed with Emily when I was last in your … Continue reading

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Senator Cornyn SuperPAC Paid for Attacks Against Republicans (Again)

Texas Conservatives supported and endorsed Dwayne Stovall in the Republican Primary to replace John Cornyn.  It was unfortunate that 93% of Texas voters chose to have no say in their representation. One of the ads run by Stovall talked about … Continue reading

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Why is the GOP Pushing for Immigration Reform and Why Now?

By Sheri Edwards “A poll just showed that just 3 percent of Americans consider immigration a top priority,” (Senator Jeff) Sessions said. “So now we’re going to take an issue that divides the Republicans, that is not good for working Americans, … Continue reading

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Cornyn: You Own Obamacare As Much As Democrats

By Sheri Edwards This morning I received an email from Newsmax (which I equate to Reader’s Digest) giving John Cornyn’s statement: “Democrats are in a “near panic” over the botched launch of the Affordable Care Act and may soon be … Continue reading

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