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Will The Federal Government ‘Shut Down’ At Midnight? And If It Does, Will It Affect You?

September 30, 2013 by Ben Bullard The answer to the first question is looking more and more like a “yes” with each hour that passes. President Barack Obama said nothing new (and took no questions) at a press conference today, reiterating the harm … Continue reading

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Politics: Four concrete reasons Ted Cruz’s fight matters very much

Originally Published in The Best of Cain The answer to those who say nothing is being achieved here. At its most basic, Ted Cruz’s stand on the Senate floor against ObamaCare is a declaration that we have a right to … Continue reading

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Watch Ted Cruz live

#KeepCruzing  #MakeDCListen  #FireCornyn  #HireStovall Watch history in the making live.  Senator Cruz, the ONE true conservative Senator from Texas we support you!

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A Police Chief with the Courage to Say What He Thought

by: Dennis J. Edwards / Founder Police Chief Mark Kessler must have some following, because apparently the meeting in which he was fired drew “thousands of supporters.” No small trick in a town of 750. What did he say that bothered … Continue reading

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Is Lack of Integrity in the GOP Leadership Hurting Galveston County Republicans?

By Sheri Edwards Several months ago, I was asked to be a TEA Party panelists for a Factions of the Republican Party panel held by Clear Lake Area Republicans.  Barbara Meeks, Galveston County Chairperson, was a panelist for the establishment … Continue reading

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