Who Believes We Have Liberty?

The right to privacy is our right to keep a domain around us, which includes all those things that are part of us, such as our body, home, property, thoughts, feelings, secrets and identity. The right to privacy gives us the ability to choose which parts in this domain can be accessed by others, and to control the extent, manner and timing of the use of those parts we choose to disclose.

We’ve all read about the government data-mining our information, phone calls, emails and more thanks to the Patriot Act, NDAA and other legislation. Have you yet realized that the ACA is also data-mining your information, and the government has mechanisms in place to use it against you?  I have found a treasure trove of information at Citizen’s Council for Health Freedom, and I’d like to share some of the information from there with articles from other sources.

A new book called “Inventing the Individual” delves into where the Western understanding of liberty comes from. The Wall Street Journal reports that the author found, “unlike most political thinkers—that its source is Christianity.” It did not come out of the Enlightenment or that eraʼs struggle against an oppressive church. Instead, the idea of a “responsible individual with a sovereign conscience and unalienable rights” “emerged…during the centuries between Paul the Apostle and the churchmen of the Middle Ages.” This caused Christian moral institutions to turn “against authoritarian forms of both church and state.” Can liberty be retained without Christianity, which courts and others are now relentlessly trying to stifle? The answer is no.

Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. 2 Corinthians 3:17 KJV

The-Nine-Most-Terrifing-WordsArguably, the ACA is one of the most twisted ways the federal government has chosen to “help” the American people.  Lawmakers often claim they are expanding government simply to help people. This dubious claim should be shut down at almost every turn. When government helps one person, it often must hurt at least one other person. The government never gives away anything except what it has first taken from someone else.

Obamacare forces companies and organizations to include abortions, “the morning after” pill and birth control in their group health insurance, unless you receive an exemption. This coercion is certainly not Liberty. The rights to life, liberty and property derive from the fact that God has granted each person to be the steward of himself and none other, granting him the human authority to manage his own life and property, which morally requires him to do so according to God’s Law, but civilly requires him to respect the dignity and property rights of his neighbor.

141204_PrematureBaby_AttkissonForcing you to purchase insurance you don’t want or need is certainly not the worst they’ve done.  Newborns Died as Government Guinea Pigs: Government officials experimented on the tiniest Americans. From 2006 to 2009 dangerous research was conducted on more than 1,300 premature babies nationwide under authority granted by and funded by the National Institutes of Health, an arm of HHS, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Some babies died. Nearly 2 years ago the federal ethics body denounced the research saying the studyʼs consent forms failed to fully inform parents of the risks of “blindness, neurological damage and death” to their babies. Now HHS is trying to shut down the ethics body and give ethics oversight to the very agency that funded the unethical study.

Do you have ownership rights to your medical record? Researchers say no. They are analyzing data from routine checkups. They are mining electronic health records of young patients with arthritis. They say the data is anonymous (but can we truly believe this Administration?), but that doesnʼt give them the right to use it without consent. The federal government is pushing data-mining to rationalize standardized medical decisions. In other words, your data could be used to ration your care. One researcher is looking at records from retail medical clinics. He says data-mining gives him “data over time on millions and millions of patients.” Who told him he could do this? Congress did, in the HIPAA no privacy rule. Itʼs time to repeal HIPAA.  The Mayo Clinicʼs 5 million medical records have been joined to UnitedHealth Groupʼs 44 million insurance claims to create “the nationʼs largest and most comprehensive health care database.”

Data-mining offers a way to test ideas and hypotheses, said Dr. Kenneth D. Mandl: “It gives you data over time on millions and millions of patients.”

What do you suppose the government plans to do with all the private data they are compiling, and where do they get all the information?

A bill authored by a Democratic Senator in Minnesota would require physicians and hospitals to gather profiling data from patients for state government. Specifically, doctors that want “performance payments” would have to record race, ethnicity, language and country of origin on every patient. The bill calls this a “health equity data plan.” In 2017, the government could also add data collection requirements related to socioeconomic status, which could include occupation, education, income and more. Performance payments mean doctors and hospitals work for government, not you. If they canʼt get you to divulge this personal data, they wonʼt be fully reimbursed.

Click picture for full report

Click picture for full report

A babyʼs birth has become an opportunity for state surveillance. Citizensʼ Council for Health Freedom released a report in February detailing surveillance taking place using the birth certificate data collection process. On behalf of state government, hospitals and birthing centers gather volumes of personal data on the family using a birth certificate worksheet, including education, income, medical history, last day worked, personal feelings and more. The report includes actions for families to reduce the collection of data and stop the surveillance. It also includes a state-by-state spreadsheet of data collected in 28 states.

Federal officials want your doctor working for them. Six weeks ago, they made what they called a “historic announcement.” They set a timeline for shifting Medicare payments “from volume to value.” They plan to pay doctors only according to the “value” government attributes to the services. They will not pay doctors for actual services. Imagine paying your plumber this way. Ninety percent (90%) of payments will be tied to “value” by 2018. This payment change will not only endanger patients, it will endanger the very practice of ethical medicine. Only doctors willing to obey the dictates of outsiders, including rationing directives, will choose the profession. Thatʼs the wrong kind of doctor for patients.

Standardized medical care is coming. You are not standard, but hospitals, health plans and government are working hard to make sure thatʼs the way youʼre treated. The Wall Street Journal reports that hospitals are redesigning their computer systems to make sure doctors are limited in their medical decisions, regardless of what treatment is best for you. This is considered a cost-control strategy. Some hospitals are making it all but impossible for doctors to stray from the hospitalʼs preferred treatment protocols. As one doctor told me, “If itʼs not in the computer, I canʼt do it.” Next time your doctor orders something ask him if thatʼs the best treatment for you, or the only one the hospitalʼs computer system will allow.

Not only are you forced into a healthcare plan based on the government’s choice, but it was always guaranteed to cost you more: in dollars, the level of care you are able to receive and your privacy.  Your doctor, dentist, and hospital have electronic health records – or EHRs – because the Obama administration mandated them so it could use your patient data to control how your doctor practices. If doctors choose not to use EHRs, they lose Medicare dollars. But the government estimates that setting up an EHR costs $15,000 to $70,000 per provider, plus annual maintenance and licensing fees. Thatʼs not all. EHR vendors are charging clinics and hospitals $5,000 to $50,000 just to exchange patient data between EHR systems. So not only is the EHR a threat to privacy and autonomy, itʼs a threat to your pocketbook and the clinicʼs bottomline.

Data security problems continue in the Obamacare exchanges. Last year four security experts said the healthcare.gov website wasnʼt secure – in fact it wasnʼt even built on a platform of data security – and three of those experts said it should be shut down.  Now we learn that a key IRS system for calculating Obamacare fees for insurers has security weaknesses. A heavily-redacted 44-page report says there are “25 critical and major failures and errors.” The security of your private data is just one reason to refuse to enroll in Obamacare.

What are some of the ways the Obama Administration is using all that data?  Obama Wants $15B to Expand Intrusive Home Visiting: If you are pregnant or if you have a new baby or a young child, you may receive an unexpected knock on the door. This is the federal governmentʼs home visiting program, which sends “home visitors” to evaluate families. I suggest you refuse to let them in the door regardless of their title. The visitor is evaluating family relationships and looking for child abuse, unsafe situations, failure to visit the doctor, lack of immunizations and more. The home visitor will enter this surveillance data into a government database. In February, the Obama administration gave $386 million in home visiting grants and asked for $15 billion more over the next 10 years.

Do you still think that you have Liberty and the right to make choices regarding your own health and that of your children?  The role of parenting itself is now criminalized across America, where parents who make informed, conscious medical decisions in the best interests of their children are subjected to armed government medical kidnappings of their children.

God gave us free will and created us as free beings who can make our own choices- and that we are free to accept or reject his love.   As God is our loving creator and blessed us with inalienable natural rights, who is our government to force our behavoir and actions?

Man devises his way, but the Lord directs his steps. (Prov. 16:9)

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