Senator Cornyn SuperPAC Paid for Attacks Against Republicans (Again)

mitch_mcconnell_john_cornyn.1Texas Conservatives supported and endorsed Dwayne Stovall in the Republican Primary to replace John Cornyn.  It was unfortunate that 93% of Texas voters chose to have no say in their representation. One of the ads run by Stovall talked about Cornyn listening to Mitch McConnell more than his constituents and referred to McConnell as a beltway turtle.  It was clever and true.

Erick Erickson in Red State says, “I can confirm that the attack ads in Mississippi run by “All Citizens for Mississippi” were funded by Senate Republicans, including Senators Mitch McConnellJohn CornynRob PortmanBob Corker, and Roy Blunt. It appears our Senate Republican leaders are willing to risk losing a Senate majority so long as they can get their own re-elected. Yes folks, it is true. I can confirm what we all suspected.”

The ads attacked Chris McDaniel and painted TEA party activists as racists.   According to documents filed with the Federal Elections Commission (see ppg 6 and 7 on this link), All Citizens for Mississippi received funding from a Haley Barbour backed group called Mississippi Conservatives.

Mississippi Conservatives, in turn, was funded in part by Sally Bradshaw of the RNC’s Growth and Opportunity Project, former RNC Chairman and Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, the United States Chamber of Commerce, and the political action committees created for Senators Mitch McConnell ($50,000), John Cornyn ($50,000), Rob Portman ($25,000), Bob Corker($25,000), and Roy Blunt ($5,000).

July 2014 Rpt to FEC showing donation to Mississippi Conservatives

July 2014 Rpt to FEC showing donation to Mississippi Conservatives

To the right, we posted a screen shot of a donation to Mississippi Conservatives by Texans for a Conservative Majority (TCM).  Who are Texans for a Conservative Majority? According to Todd J. Gillman in Dallas News, Texans for a Conservative Majority – run by Cornyn loyalists and seeded with $2 million last spring from Houston homebuilder Bob Perry, a longtime Cornyn backer who died a few weeks later – created a “Shady Stockman” website to highlight ethics allegations against Stockman.  TCM got $2 million from (Bob) Perry on March 1, six weeks before his death on April 13 at age 80. Federal campaign filings show the PAC got another $200,000 later in March from Fort Worth brothers Sid, Lee and Ed Bass. In June, it got $125,000 from beer magnate John Nau III, CEO of Houston-based Silver Eagle Distributors, the state’s largest distributor of Anheuser-Busch products.

The PAC’s president is Randy Cubriel, an Austin-based lawyer and lobbyist who served as Cornyn’s traveling aide on the 2002 campaign. He also worked for Cornyn at the state Attorney General’s office and later as a U.S. Senate aide.  His wife, Beth Cubriel, now executive director of the Texas GOP, has a long relationship with Cornyn, too. She worked on his first campaign for attorney general and was at his side once he took office. She was a top aide in his 2002 and 2008 Senate campaigns, and served as state field director for his Senate office, overseeing staff and constituent services in Texas.

Does anyone else believe as we do, that it’s quite ironic that this superPAC threw stones at another candidate when they have no problem ponying up to attack another conservative candidate in Mississippi while calling TEA Party activists racists?  Is John Cornyn conservative just like you?  We can say an emphatic “NO”.  John Cornyn is more like a beltway turtle than most Texans he is supposed to represent.

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One Response to Senator Cornyn SuperPAC Paid for Attacks Against Republicans (Again)

  1. RebinTexas says:

    Good article – I’ve already called cornyn’s office and told them for this and other things, I am NOT voting for cornyn this fall…….and may even vote against him……unless he begins to stand with US…..

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