Immigration, World Poverty and Gumballs

A group of us watched this before viewing “They Come to America” last week.  It’s only 6 minutes – watch it to the end.  Those that believe bringing more illegal aliens to America and then providing them with legal status “for the children” or whatever reason they give, need to understand that what they are doing is bringing America to a lower common denominator.

Immigration – Global humanitarian reasons for current U.S. immigration are tested in this updated version of immigration author and journalist Roy Beck’s colorful presentation of data from the World Bank and U.S. Census Bureau. The 1996 version of this immigration gumballs presentation has been one of the most viewed immigration policy presentations on the internet.

If the purpose isn’t really to help the impoverished around the world, what IS the reason for the mass influx of illegal aliens crossing through our open borders?  I submit that the plan is to overwhelm our system.  See our previous article, America is Being Fundamentally Changed – As Promised

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