Texas Conservatives Endorse David Dewhurst for Lt Governor in Run-off

By Sheri Edwards

I’m a board member of Texas Conservatives and a Steering Committee member of Alvin TEA Party Patriots.  If you follow me at all on this blog, Facebook or Twitter, then you won’t be surprised to hear that I’m generally against what I refer to as “establishment Republican politicians”.  I met with David Dewhurst on Sunday afternoon, along with members of local TEA Party groups, including Clear Lake TEA Party, Lake Jackson TEA Party, Galveston TEA Party and Pearland TEA Party.

We were told in advance that Lt. Governor Dewhurst was willing to answer any and all questions that we had for him.  He was gracious to do so for over 3-1/2 hours.  Beyond a few pleasantries, there were no softball questions – these were in-depth questions and this group of patriots made certain that their concerns were heard and the questions they asked were answered.

I walked into the meeting knowing that I would vote for David Dewhurst, not because I was FOR Dewhurst but as a vote AGAINST Dan Patrick.  I was against Dan Patrick because (in my opinion) he seems to be all hat and no cattle.  While he (Patrick) did participate in the TEA Party Caucus for several sessions in the Texas Legislature, he did not truly listen to the counsel of the TEA Party activists.  He made grandiose statements that he was going to get rid of CSCOPE, and then made a deal to keep the non-profit (who had used taxpayer dollars to create CSCOPE and then profit from it) from further profiting.  He then announced CSCOPE was dead.  It is NOT!

Huckabee endorse patrickEarly in my fight to expose Cscope I met with Lt. Governor David Dewhurst who said he would get with Dan Patrick and have a Senate hearing. Senator Dan Patrick stated in the following press release that Cscope was gone. That could not be further from the truth. Cscope is still being leased by school districts under the new name TEKS Resource System from the Texas Educators Service Centers (ESC). The lessons were downloaded by the school disticts and some ESC’s are selling the Cscope lessons on USB flash drives. I got an email from a parent this week asking why schools are still using the lessons? The lessons were not outlawed contrary to public opinion.-Ginger Russell

I spent several hours talking with David Dewhurst, who did get the TSA-groping bill passed in the special session of 2011 session.  Although Patrick claimed he had the votes and asked to be recognized for the vote during the regular session, Dan Patrick had indeed not done the work he claimed and did not have the votes, so the bill was pulled.  It was NOT pulled due to threats by the Federal government as many have claimed.  Unfortunately, Joe Straus wouldn’t bring the bill to the floor in the House so the bill was ultimately not passed.

Lt. Governor Dewhurst worked to get the 3-week trial of Operation Strong Safety, which worked great at making our Texas-Mexico border impermeable.  He was able to strike a deal with Governor Perry last week for a 90-day trial of Operation Strong Safety, and if the 90-day trial works, it will become permanent.  Securing our border is not just rhetoric for Dewhurst.

Education is a priority for David Dewhurst.

  • Dewhurst was successful in passing SB 637 last session, which greatly increases the amount of information required to be made public in elections regarding new debt obligations. In future elections, voters will have more information at your fingertips than ever before. Here is the text of the new law:  http://www.legis.state.tx.us/tlodocs/83R/billtext/html/SB00637F.htm.
  • Another bill that would have greatly increased transparency for ALL local government debt was SB 14, which we passed out of the Senate; unfortunately, the bill died in the House. Here is the text of the last version of that bill:  http://www.legis.state.tx.us/tlodocs/83R/billtext/html/SB00014H.htm . Passing similar legislation next session is a top priority of Lieutenant Governor Dewhurst.

dewhurstendorsementLt. Governor Dewhurst is already working with area TEA Parties in drafting legislation that would require all school board and school district bond elections to be held in November (rather than in May). The hope is that raising the profile and importance of these school district elections will result in increased transparency.  He wants to work to disband the taxpayer-funding of teacher and superintendent “unions” such as TASA and TASB, who are using our tax dollars to work against the taxpayers and students.

Alternatively, Dan Patrick has been unable to attend three separate vetting sessions with area TEA Party leaders.  I don’t believe all will agree with us, but Texas Conservatives are proudly endorsing David Dewhurst for Lt. Governor.



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