Protecting and Defending Texas – Vote Dwayne Stovall for U.S. Senate

This election for U.S. Senate is about one thing and one thing only: protecting and defending Texas. And in a larger way, it can be about protecting America.

next generationTexas is an economic juggernaut, fueled by the hard work and ingenuity of its 26 million people. Political leaders emerge from Texas all of the time, and that’s because Texans understand and adhere to freedom and the 10th Amendment. It’s the Texas heritage. If you’re a true Texan, it’s in your blood. If you’re a true Texan, you fight for your independence, no matter the odds.

What separates Dwayne Stovall’s campaign from every other campaign is that he understands that Texas, and America, are under attack by political forces that would steal these freedoms from us. He’s not fighting for the Republican Party – he’s fighting for something much bigger. He’s fighting for Texas and America and freedom. Like you, he’s fighting for his children’s future.

If you ask Steve Stockman’s supporters why they support him, it’s because they believe that having “Rep” in front of his name gives him a greater likelihood to win against Cornyn. They’re not voting for Steve Stockman because of his amazing representation of Texas. It’s not his command of the Constitution or the terrific leadership he has shown while in office for just one and half terms. They just perceive him, for now, as the most viable “anybody but Cornyn” vote.

If you were to ask his supporters whether they believe he embodies Texas, you might get an empty stare in reply. I’ve never heard anyone accuse Steve Stockman of being a great Texan. He has his fine points to be sure, but he could be a fine congressman in Michigan as much as in Texas.

There’s much passion in anger. People are angry at John Cornyn. Oh how they are angry at John Cornyn. John Cornyn, to anyone who’s paying attention to what’s happening in Washington, is part of the attack on Texas and America and freedom. It doesn’t matter whether he’s a Republican. He and Mitch McConnell are not the embodiment of everything Republican in the Senate. They are just two men, and those two men thwarted the majority of their caucus by choosing to vote for cloture to raise the debt. They betrayed the Republican Party and sided with the Democrats. As a result, Texans and future Texans now have a greater burden of debt placed upon them.

cruz knife in backTexans, those who pay attention and who love freedom, are angry at John Cornyn. They want to vote against him. They want him removed from office. John Cornyn does not represent Texas or the Republican Party. John Cornyn represents Washington and helps Washington grow and grow and grow – to the detriment of Texas. And if you don’t like it and complain about it, he’ll take the phone off the hook, thank you very much.

You could vote for “anybody but Cornyn.” That seems tempting, but it’s better to vote for something than against something. Are you mad at John Cornyn? There’s passion in anger. But do you love Texas? There’s more passion in love. A simple test would answer that: would you give your life to vote against John Cornyn? Of course not. But would you give your life to protect Texas and America and freedom? If you’re a patriot, you bet you would. Without hesitation.

Dwayne Stovall’s supporters aren’t voting for “anybody but Cornyn” or even for Dwayne Stovall, the man. He’s certainly a fine man. They’re voting for what he’s representing and articulating. They’re voting for his willingness to go to the mat. They recognize a true and native Texan. They know that he “gets” it. He’s not doing this for a career in politics, which is what Stockman wants. He’s doing this because he’s compelled to do it.

A vote for Dwayne is not a vote for “anybody but Cornyn.” It’s a vote for the future of Texas and America and freedom.

stovall v stockmanThat’s the chief difference between Steve Stockman and Dwayne Stovall. It’s also the reason why Texas is brimming with Stovall supporters and not with Stockman supporters. It’s why Dwayne has won straw poll after straw poll. It’s why Steve Stockman finished fourth in his own district behind Undecided in a poll that Dwayne won. Almost no one is passionate for Steve Stockman; they’re just passionate to vote for “anybody but Cornyn.”

Our challenge is to get Dwayne’s name out there, which we’re doing.

That’s your job, too. Even more than ours, actually. That senate seat is yours to assign, not Cornyn’s to keep or Dwayne’s to capture.

I remind all of you over and over to talk relentlessly – to family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, those at your church… you’ve done that, and we’re seeing the results of that.

cornyn on childrenJohn Cornyn arrogantly runs ad after ad. He doesn’t reach out to you. He doesn’t care about you, or the debt that he allows to be placed upon you. Obamacare? It won’t affect him or anyone within a thousand feet of him.

John Cornyn owns the sky in Texas. He buys it with big money and we don’t know how he got that money. He covers it with his propaganda. The airwaves are saturated with it. We had to puncture that blanket with a turtle video to arrest attention in that sky that he purchases for himself. For those who are uncomfortable with the video, check and ask them if they are exponentially more uncomfortable with the chains of debt being placed upon them and their children by John Cornyn and his leader, Mitch McConnell.

Listen – the ground belongs to you, true Texans – Dwayne Stovall’s volunteers and supporters. That’s where you live, and politicians who never descend from their imagined heights to acquaint themselves with you or your concerns don’t deserve your vote.

America is constantly corrupted by money in politics. Money buys ads and attention and media talking points. It’s what allows the big special interests to sway the gullible.

But what would happen if your trusted word to the people you know, and their trusted word to the people they know, and so on… what if that beat the money in politics? What would America be like?

stovall hanging up glovesEveryone in other states looks to Texas and wants their own Senator Ted Cruz. (By the way, no one looks to Texas and wants their own John Cornyn.)

What would happen if you get Dwayne elected and everyone looks to Texas to see how Texans embraced freedom and the Constitution and ignored a sky of clouded propaganda to elect a citizen statesman who didn’t use PAC money to win the primary and wasn’t beholden to anyone but you here in Texas?

How would that change the political landscape in Texas?

How would that change the political landscape in America?

There are a lot of races that are important to Texas. No doubt.

You have an opportunity to defend Texas and America and freedom. This is the only campaign in Texas that can achieve those ends. Not because Dwayne Stovall is a great man. He would tell you that he’s just an average Texan. But because what he’s fighting for, with every waking moment and every strength he has, is great. He’s fighting for Texas and the future of Texas, and you’re helping him do that every time you speak and email and tweet.

stovall front of push cardSo go where Dwayne hasn’t been. Go where he’s not known. Go where you don’t know the people there – yet. Introduce them to the campaign worth voting for, and saturate the ground like John Cornyn saturates your skies. If you find resistance, move on to the next place. Don’t waste time.

Your patriotic help to elect Dwayne Stovall in this primary is all about one thing and one thing only: protecting Texas. And maybe America too.

Note:  A poll was released today showing that John Cornyn polled at 43% – we can beat him! Don’t worry about the Steve Stockman percentage. He was the only other candidate mentioned in the poll, so the 28% he polled is quite skewed. Talk to everyone you know about Dwayne and refer them to his website.

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4 Responses to Protecting and Defending Texas – Vote Dwayne Stovall for U.S. Senate

  1. By far Dwayne Stovall is the best candidate & you are right he understands Texas. John Cornyn has stabbed Ted Cruz in the back, Steve Stockman stabbed Louie Gohmert in the back-this is NOT the Texas way I learned, where I come from Texans back each other up.

  2. Kate Freedom says:

    We would love to talk to Mr Stovall regarding him speaking at our event. Please contact us. Lets keep Texas Red.

  3. Kate Freedom says:

    CALLING ALL PATRIOTS to help support the Patriots Rally For Freedom event on March 15th, at the Cool River Ranch, in Martindale, Texas.

    Tea Party Community in conjunction with Patriots Rally for Freedom is on a mission to stop Texas from turning blue!

    As you are probably aware, today we find Texas in the cross hairs of the Democrat Party. The state’s three largest cities (Houston, Dallas and San Antonio) are under the rule of not just ordinary Democrats, but in the case of Mayor Julian Castro (San Antonio), an extreme leftist. It was Castro’s family that formed “La Raza Unida” and this organization has been responsible for the placement of many leftists on the city council and even the school board.

    State Senator Wendy Davis (who gave us the 12 hour filibuster on abortion) is now being backed by the Democrats in Texas. We in the conservative community are concerned that she could in fact be elected Governor with the aid of these three Mayors. It would only be a short time before we would most likely lose Texas to the blue column. If we lose Texas, it would be decades before we would ever win another Conservative White House because of the loss of 38 electoral votes.

    With this knowledge, we have decided to hold a major event in Texas designed to educate, motivate and inspire the grassroots in the hopes of preventing this travesty from happening. This event is NOT a typical Tea Party rally, NOT an occupy or anything inflammatory. The event will have many speakers who are experts in their endeavors to benefit the goal of retaining Texas in the RED.

    We need your help today to sponsor this great event and celebration of conservatism in Texas, and to stop Wendy Davis from becoming Governor. Please help this very worthy event. AS TEXAS GOES-SO GOES AMERICA!

    If you aren’t able to attend the event you can still help.

    Support the rally by joining the FB event here:

    Donate to support the rally fundraiser here:

    Become a rally sponsor here:

    Upload the event background image here on your FB profile.
    You can find the backgrounds here:

    Share the promotional Youtube video here:

    Please reshare this post on your FB wall, on FB pages, and in groups.

    We anticipate a great turnout for the rally.
    Thank you in advance for your support.

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