Will Texas let Sen. Cornyn BUY his reelection? We made a great choice in Ted Cruz, can we do it again?

Let's make Ted Cruz the SENIOR Senator from Texas

Research Dwayne Stovall at http://www.TexansForStovall.com

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3 Responses to Will Texas let Sen. Cornyn BUY his reelection? We made a great choice in Ted Cruz, can we do it again?

  1. valagura@reagan.com says:

    I agree that Cornyn needs to go but am curious as to why you chose Stovall over Stockman. I would appreciate any insight you can give me.

    Elaine Valagura

    • Elanie, we are working on an article to help educate people on the REAL issue in this campaign.. the difference between Nationalism and Federalism. Effectively, what we have devolved into today is a Nationalist government. Both Sen. Cornyn and Steve Stockman only want to play lip service while saying (and taking an oath) to “defend and protect” our Constitution. Both men, like most in Congress, have knowingly violated that oath EVERYTIME they vote for bills expanding the powers of our central governement into areas in which it was NEVER intended to have the power to venture… this was the foundation of the Federalist papers and was strongly argued amongst the founding fathers.

      The Republican Party was founded on the principles of Federalism.. a small and Constitutionally limited central government with the “lions share” of the real power remaining with the states. As you can see today, this is not the government we have.. I explain to people Hitler came to power as a Nationalist and although may be an extreme example of what happens when Nationalism goes wrong… it is Nationalism none the less.

      I have met and have gotten to know Dwayne Stovall and am “stoked’ that he may very well yet win this… NO one would have believed Ted Cruz could win against the Dewhurst machine but he did..

      I would urge you to “Like” Texas Conservative on FaceBook and follow what we post… there is a short good video we posted this morning about Nationalism vr Federalism… again, THIS is THE issue..

      I know Steve Stockman and know he’s a good man but he is NOT, we feel, what we want in the Senate.. we need to stop electing and reelecting the same career “bought and paid for” establishment politicians if we want to see our Republic preserved…

      Would appreciate your support for Dwayne Stovall… let me know if there is anything more specific we can share and then.. help us support and get the word out… Dwayne Stovall – Put Texas 1st.

      God Bless Texas, God Bless America

    • Have you had the chance to meet and talk with Dwayne Stovall.. he is the REAL deal and we are supporting him 100%… Steve Stockman is a nice guy and all but know him to be an “establishment career” type of politician, if Dwayne wasn’t running I’d probably be looking further down the list but Dwayne actually has a very good chance of getting into a runoff with Cornyn… and Dwayne is an incredible “citizen statesman” with deep Jeffersonian Constitutional principles… he understands we have strayed from the Federal government our Constitution provided for and we have allowed this behemoth of a National government to be created… and both Cornyn and Stockman both have been a big part of it..

      No, I simply feel that Dwayne Stovall is the right candidate at the right time for Texas.. we need someone willing to stand with Ted Cruz and not against him… Steve, I’m sorry, but I just know too much about him and he wouldn’t be getting my vote under any circumstances… but that’s just me.. 🙂

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