Cornyn: You Own Obamacare As Much As Democrats

By Sheri Edwards

This morning I received an email from Newsmax (which I equate to Reader’s Digest) giving John Cornyn’s statement: “Democrats are in a “near panic” over the botched launch of the Affordable Care Act and may soon be begging Republicans to help them repair the nation’s mangled healthcare system, Sen. John Cornyn of Texas says.”  “The Democrats own this. They made a mistake at the very beginning because there was no bipartisan support for Obamacare. Every Republican voted against it. Every Democrat voted for it. So they own it,” Cornyn told The Steve Malzberg Show on Newsmax TV.

I submit that Senator John Cornyn ALSO owns Obamacare.  Cornyn, who is running for re-election in 2014, is counting on Texans having a short memory.  I would like to take this opportunity to share an article from FreedomWorks – which will give you plenty of reminders of John Cornyn’s record, and how he TRULY has been representing Texas.  It just might curl your hair!             fire cornyn

Senator John Cornyn’s Top Ten Bad Votes by Joshua Withrow

Top 10 Bad Votes by Senator John Cornyn (R-TX)

1. Cornyn Voted to Let Harry Reid Fund ObamaCare

(2013, RCV 206) Senator John Cornyn of Texas voted to end debate and allow Senate Democrats to re-insert funding for ObamaCare into the Continuing Resolution to fund the federal government. Although Cornyn did vote against the final bill, he and all Republicans knew that voting for cloture to end debate would allow Senator Harry Reid to fund ObamaCare by a party-line vote, and thus a vote for cloture was a de facto vote to fund ObamaCare.

2. Cornyn Voted for the Wall Street Bailout (T.A.R.P.)

(2008, RCV 213) Senator Cornyn voted for the $700 billion bailout of Wall Street. Taxpayers should have never been forced to pay for the mistakes of the big banks. He continues to make excuses for why he voted for the massive bank bailout. Cornyn has defended his vote, saying in 2010 that, “I’m responsible and proud of the vote I cast at the time because I thought it was a public necessity.”

3. Cornyn Voted for Medicare Part D

Senator Cornyn voted to pass Medicare Part D, a massive entitlement expansion that conservatives rightly predicted would tremendously expand the deficit and add trillions of dollars in unfunded liabilities to the federal rolls. (2003, RCV 457)

4. Cornyn Voted to Increase the Federal Minimum Wage

(2007, RCV 42) Senator Cornyn voted for the Fair Minimum Wage Act that increased the federal minimum wage from $5.15 per hour to $7.25 per hour in 2007. Raising the minimum wage is a bad idea because it reduces employment especially among low-skilled workers. The cost of raising the minimum wage is passed onto consumers in the form of higher prices for goods and services.

5. Cornyn Voted for the Fiscal Cliff Tax Hike 

(2012, RCV 251) The fiscal cliff was a fake crisis created by Congress and the president. Senator Cornyn voted for the infamous New Year’s Day 2013 fiscal cliff deal that raised taxes on 77 percent of U.S. households and contained no real spending cuts.

6. Cornyn Voted against Fiscally Conservative Budgets

Senator Cornyn voted against three of the best, most fiscally conservative budgets ever proposed in the United States Senate. He voted against Senator Mike Lee of Utah’s FY 2013 budget proposal to balance the budget in five years and save $7 trillion over ten years. (2012, RCV 101) He also voted against Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky’s FY 2012 and FY 2013 budget proposals to balance the budget in five years and save more than $8 trillion over ten years. (2011, RCV 80; 2012, RCV 100) Instead, he favored budget plans that either fail to balance the budget or fail to specify clearly how balance would be achieved.

7. Cornyn Supported Intrusive Internet Regulations (PIPA)

Although he later withdrew his support (under withering fire from internet freedom advocates across the political spectrum), Senator Cornyn voted for the Protect Intellectual Privacy Act (PIPA) in committee.  His vote helped move PIPA to the Senate floor, where it met a well-deserved defeat. Under PIPA, the government would have the power to shut down millions of websites. This is economically destructive and a gross violation of our constitutional right to free speech.

8. Cornyn Voted to Allow Warrantless Data Collection on American Citizens

In 2007, Senator Cornyn voted for the FISA Amendments Act, which granted immunity to U.S. telecommunication companies for giving information about their customers to the government without a warrant.  This is one of the key provisions that allowed the NSA to conduct its now-publicized warrantless blanket surveillance of American citizens.

9. Cornyn Has Voted to Raise the Debt Ceiling Eight Times

Since entering office in 2002, Senator Cornyn has voted to raise the debt ceiling eight times (including the debt ceiling increase contained in number 1, above).  Raising the debt limit only encourages reckless spending in Washington. Congress needs to cut spending and balance the budget—not continue to increase our national debt without any spending reforms or reductions.

10. Cornyn Voted to Reauthorize the Patriot Act
(2006, RCV 25) Although he was not present in Congress when the original USA-PATRIOT Act was passed, Senator Cornyn has been an enthusiastic supporter of the controversial law, voting to permanently reauthorize most of its provisions in 2006. Despite its attractive-sounding title, the so-called Patriot Act violates our Fourth Amendment right to privacy, authorizing unprecedented surveillance powers that permit the federal government to spy on U.S. citizens without a warrant.

— Julie Borowski and Dean Clancy contributed to this list.

There is candidate that I endorse for US Senate from Texas, Dwayne Stovall who agrees that it’s time to start putting Texas first!  Click on his name to check out his website.  Below is an excerpt:

The primary job description of a United States Senator:

1. Propose amendments to, or concur with, bills and amendments originating in the House.
2. Propose bills or amendments that are NOT related to raising revenue.
3. To offer advice and consent to the President in matters related to Treaties and appointments.

This job of a United States Senator from Texas is not beyond the common citizen. It does not require a great education or skill. It requires that a person simply be honest, forthright, and loyal to the great State of Texas. A U.S. Senator should have a very strict set of guidelines:

1. Only support federal actions that are expressly authorized in the U.S. Constitution.
2. Never vote to increase the size and scope of the Federal Government.
3. Never vote to increase spending or to raise the debt ceiling.
4. Never vote for anything that will negatively affect Texas.
5. Actively include the Governor and the State legislature of Texas in the business of the U.S. Senate.
Future generations of Texans are being sentenced into servitude to a bankrupt unconstitutional National Government (not federal) that is becoming more tyrannical by the day. The founding principle of liberty is being destroyed by the very people we have entrusted to protect it and we cannot afford to stand by any longer.  If you will have me I will gladly take up the fight, but I will need your help to do so.  

In liberty,

Dwayne Stovall
Texan 1st

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