Alvin ISD Taxpayers – Do You Know How Important the Nov. 5th Bond Election is to Your Pocketbook?

Vote NO on Alvin ISD Bloated Bond

Alvin ISD is trying to dig as deeply as possible into your pocket… will you let them?

With Early voting having already started and what once again seems an assured victory for the Alvin ISD Administration, I find myself asking a simple question.  Will the Alvin ISD taxpayers pay enough attention and take the time to get out and actually vote down the 200 million plus bloated school bond that is on the ballot Nov. 5th?

I feel assured that most have heard this is a “must pass” bond for the school district… which is simply NOT TRUE. You may have been told that if this bond is not passed the needed High School #3 on Kirby south of Shadow Creek will not be built on time… again, simply NOT TRUE.  The truth is that the Alvin ISD administration will simply have to go back and resubmit another bond for the May election, this time asking ONLY for what is needed for the district and not everything that they could possibly think of to add to the bond. Simply put, when you see items being added to the bond that amount to no more than a few thousands of dollars, or line items that have already been budgeted for out of M&O funds, what other conclusion could be reached other than this bond is asking for everything and anything that they could reasonably or even unreasonably ask for.

One of the other big concerns in this bond election is the decision to once again have “rolling” voter locations. In a workshop held by the Alvin ISD Board, they openly discussed they were doing the election this way to ensure a greater possibility of seeing the bond passed.. in other words they are deliberately doing what they can to skew the election in their favor.  I would have to ask, why would you hold a school bond election any different than you would a school board Trustee election? It is also important to note that the taxpayers within Alvin ISD are going to be paying something to the tune of $16,000 additional to have these “rolling” voter locations.  Taxpayers should be angry that not only has this bond been stuffed and bloated to grab as much as possible from the taxpayers, but that you are also paying to all but ensure it’s passage.When will taxpayers say “enough already”?

Furthermore, with something close to 35-40 Million in M&O fund reserves, why was not one penny of that taken into account when the bond request was put together? Why is the 10-15 million dollars a year in surplus not being used for many of the bonds “needed” expenses for repairs and maintenance? Why is it so important to want to spend 4.5 Million for new agricultural center land closer to the Alvin High School (saving maybe all of 5 minutes driving time) when it’s perfectly acceptable to plan on a “District Sports Stadium” to be placed somewhere that hasn’t even been decided? A stadium complex which will have students having to drive and or be bused from all over the district. A stadium complex which will ensure that the promise to Manvel to have a stadium built for Manvel HS, to be finally buried and put to bed as just another broken promise.

No one will argue that the Alvin ISD will continue to see growth. No one is arguing that the Alvin ISD will continue to need to build new schools and update facilities.  The only question that will need to be answered now is whether or not the taxpayers will allow the Alvin school district reach in and take as much money as they want from the taxpayers pockets. Apparently, the Alvin ISD administration seems very confident they can count on not enough taxpayers paying close enough attention to get out and vote against a bloated bond request.

Alvin ISD taxpayers… it’s up to you to get out and vote this bond down…  if you don’t vote it down you’ll have NO right to complain when your property taxes just continue to go up. This last May, Alvin ISD voters failed to elect board trustees that would represent the taxpayers and not simply be a “rubber stamp” for the administration. This bloated bond is the consequence of that election. Perhaps in future elections for School Board Trustees more voters will pay attention and actually get out and vote for School Board Trustees who will actually represent them, the taxpayer.

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