Politics: Four concrete reasons Ted Cruz’s fight matters very much

Originally Published in The Best of Cain

The answer to those who say nothing is being achieved here.

At its most basic, Ted Cruz’s stand on the Senate floor against ObamaCare is a declaration that we have a right to fight.

He made a vow that he would speak in opposition to ObamaCare until he was no longer able to stand, and since yesterday afternoon, he has kept going and going and going. That alone is a victory.

But you know what? A lot of the naysayers, Democrats, liberals, people in the mainstream media ask and even many establishment Republicans ask: Why bother?

They insist nothing tangible or practical can be achieved by fighting, as Senator Cruz and a handful of courageous allies are, to defund ObamaCare. They say the quest is quixotic and it’s doomed to failure.

They are wrong. I will tell you why this is worth doing. There are four crucial reasons:

  1. The people’s voice. Washington has gotten so bad that most of the time we don’t feel we have anybody speaking for us. Ted Cruz is speaking on behalf of the American people, representing the voice of we the people, and not just the political class in Washington D.C. Harry Reid and others don’t want to hear the people’s voice. But Sens. Cruz, Lee, Paul and Rubio are willing to take the sarcasm and the scorn. The American people are frustrated because they do not feel their voice is being heard. People go to Washington and they drink the water and they fall into Washington ways. Not these guys. That matters. A lot.
  2. Awareness. The mainstream media simply ignores the worst aspects of ObamaCare, or makes fun of those who are pointing them out. Because of that, some of the things we’ve been trying to say in the alternative media and on talk radio escape the attention of a large percentage of the American people. If they don’t want the American people to know something, they can just hold back and not tell them. Marco Rubio made a great point about this today: When people really understand ObamaCare, and really know how horrible it is, that will cause an uprising and that will lead to the repeal of this terrible law.
  3. Unexpected results. You don’t always know what you can achieve by trying. We now learn that House Republicans are considering attaching a one-year delay of the individual mandate to the Senate bill. Two weeks ago they wouldn’t even consider that. But because a few people decided to really fight, their leadership is gaining followers for the movement. This is also bringing attention to the fact that Obama, along with members of the House and Senate wanted to exempt themselves and their staffs – and the federal government is paying a special subsidy to cover the cost of themselves and their staffs singing up for the ObamaCare exchanges. Sen. David Vitter is proposing an amendment to the continuing resolution to end that special congressional subsidy. Without Sen. Cruz fighting as he is, that would not be happening.
  4. Sen. Cruz and his small band of allies are defying the Washington way. People say the right things in order to get elected, but once they get there, they go through a Washington indoctrination. Some old Washington hand takes them aside and says, “Young man, you want to be here a long time? Here’s how things get done in this here town!” And they listen to the lords of Washington instead of continuing to listen to the people.

Cruz and Paul

Senator Ted Cruz didn’t listen. Senator Marco Rubio didn’t listen. Senator Rand Paul didn’t listen. Senator Mike Lee didn’t listen. They’re a defiant bunch of young senatorial whippersnappers! I love it! They’re my kind of elected leaders. Maybe this is the type of stirring up we have needed for a long time. And maybe this will underscore a brand new declaration.

We have a right to fight!

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