Is Lack of Integrity in the GOP Leadership Hurting Galveston County Republicans?

By Sheri Edwards

Several months ago, I was asked to be a TEA Party panelists for a Factions of the Republican Party panel held by Clear Lake Area Republicans.  Barbara Meeks, Galveston County Chairperson, was a panelist for the establishment Republican faction.  She made it clear to everyone present with her remarks that she was not open to the TEA Party faction and I called her out on it then.  Afterwards she came up to me and said that she would be supportive as long as the TEA Party doesn’t support any Democrats.

It has been brought to my attention that if she recognizes you as a “tea party Republican”, you will be denied access to Galveston County Republican Party events and happenings. As a candidate, you are told who to hire as your staff and should you disagree with Meeks, the Candidate Review Committee will deny you the qualified opportunity to be vetted without bias. Independent verification of this particular item has been made and while the campaign manager potentially has grounds for a personal lawsuit and/or criminal charges, they have remained silent out of respect for the Galveston County Republican Party as a whole. We verified that Barbara Meeks and her cronies have all demanded the removal of this campaign manager in exchange for their support.  Does this speak to a “free market” system that the Republican Party supports? This campaign manager, who is doing nothing but trying to run a small business, has been a well-respected activist for conservative candidates and causes.

This is not how you build unity in our party. All voices of Republicans should be heard and not minimized. It is vital that in an election year when the Democrats are readying for November 2014, that the Galveston County Republican Party examine whether or not their current leadership is qualified to bring about real change and stop the obvious corrupt cronyism that is being utilized by current the current Chair and her Executive Committee Members.

In light of recent events in Galveston County, Republicans need to consider how the process of potential candidates are vetted. With the disturbing news of District Attorney Jack Roady allowing a Public Integrity Special Prosecutor, Sam Finegan, to practice unlicensed, one must examine just how far away from the Republican Party platform Galveston County has traveled. Galveston County GOP Chair Barbara Meeks states in her latest newsletter that she is proud of the “vetting” process she has utilized in the past that helps elect good Republican Candidates. Unfortunately, that process has been sullied by the recent headlines of the now jailed, Christopher Dupuy, and convicted wife batterer, Jason Murray. Strike three occurred when Galveston County District Attorney Roady let the daughter of Republican District Clerk, John Kinard, off with much lesser punishment than most who are caught with cocaine incur. While Kinard cannot be held responsible for his adult daughter’s actions, the appearance of improper collusion is one that is being talked about with fervor across local eateries in Galveston County. The common phrase, “if that was my kid, you can bet they wouldn’t get off so easily”, is heard time and time again by voters, who are indeed, paying attention.

Ms. Meeks has created a system in which only those who support her are allowed a voice, and only those who donate large amounts of money are given a place of prominence within Galveston County GOP. While denying access to other good Republicans, she has viciously attacked those Republicans who helped bring the 2010 sweep into being simply because they choose to support non–partisan grassroots groups called “The Tea Party”.  How long will Galveston County continue to elect a Republican chair who vilifies The People and their desire for Limited Constitutional Government, Free Market and Fiscal Responsibility without the use of dirty tricks and cronyism?  In my humble opinion, it is the very likes of Ms. Meeks and Karl Rove who are destroying the chances of Republicans taking back the Senate and keeping the House in 2014.  In order for the Republican Party to win, they must embrace all factions of the Republican Party, and behave in a manner that sets conservatives apart, rather than emulating liberal behavior.

Pearland TEA Party is hosting a study series led by Jim Logan of The 5000 Year Leap.  After our last meeting I posted an article Where Are the Virtuous Leaders, wherein I stated I don’t believe the problems exist because of a process, but because in this country, we do NOT have Principle 3: The most promising method of securing a virtuous and morally stable people is to elect virtuous leaders.  This third principle goes hand-in-hand with Principle 2: A free people cannot survive under a republican constitution unless they remain virtuous and morally strong.  I submit with the behavior shown above, Ms. Meeks is not a virtuous leader.

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1 Response to Is Lack of Integrity in the GOP Leadership Hurting Galveston County Republicans?

  1. Carol Dean says:

    Thank you, Shari, for speaking the truth. Barbara Meeks has been and continues to be nothing more then a detriment to the GCGOP. Yes, there are several of her minions who are threatening not to support primary candidates because of qualified people who are helping them with their campaigns. The last time I checked, this is still a FREE Nation. People are still allowed to make their own choices. Barbara Meeks and her biased opinions are doing nothing but disrupting the continuity of what should be a cohesive Republican Party in Galveston County. It is time for new honest, leadership and direction for the Galveston County Republican Party! Voters…take note!

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