Shadow Creek Ranch residents – TAKE NOTE; You ARE being censored.

Shadow Creek Ranch - logoWhen is an “Open” Facebook group not so “Open”?

Apparently, when Pearland City Councilman Scott Sherman is the administrator.

Pearland City Councilman Scott Sherman has already proven to Shadow Creek Ranch and Pearland residents that he does NOT support a citizens 2nd Amendment rights… apparently now he also wants it known that he does not support a citizens 1st Amendment rights either.

Being a resident of Shadow Creek Ranch I have attempted now to “join” the Shadow Creek Ranch FaceBook “Open Group”, a group which is supposed to be “OPEN” to ONLY Shadow Creek Ranch residents … but is administered by Councilman Scott Sherman. (There are many allowed in this group that are not even Shadow Creek Ranch residents).

I believe it is important to note that there are many postings on this “Open Group” FB page supporting “his” candidate, Ms. Tonini, candidate for the Alvin ISD School Board. My membership in this group was quickly removed and I am unable to as a Shadow Creek Ranch resident to either post or comment… and I have not received ANY response after having asked for an explanation as to why.

So apparently the “OPEN” group for Shadow Creek Ranch residents is NOT so “OPEN” after all. I would ask the residents of Shadow Creek Ranch if it is OK with them that the “Shadow Creek Ranch” open FB group is being used for Councilman Sherman’s personal political purposes and agenda? I would be more than willing to bet that there are more than a few Shadow Creek Ranch residents who would NOT agree with his censorship… but maybe it’s just me.

I would point out that this FB “group” is not a “private” ownership situation… this FB page plainly is supposed to be open only to “all Shadow Creek Ranch residents”… but as the administrator Councilman Sherman is now blatantly censoring those who may have a different opinion than him.  This can be looked at only as a disservice to the residents which he would try and say he “represents” and is certainly, I believe, not worthy behavior of a sitting City Council member.

Although a private landowner is free to restrict anyone he wants from putting a political sign on his land, a private newspaper is free to print or not print what they may, but an “open group” is not so open when it’s being censored… I would suggest to Councilman Sherman that he might respond as to how he believes his actions are appropriate… but he most likely won’t, it would require something I suspect he is quite lacking in… integrity.

I thought that the Shadow Creek Ranch and Pearland residents might like to be aware of this situation.

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