Immigration Reform: What Is It Truly Costing Us?

By Sheri Edwards, April 24, 2013

The fabric of the United States of America is woven from the blood of patriots, immigrants who came to America to embrace her opportunities, Judeo-Christian values, and American Exceptionalism.  We have stood firmly rooted in our Constitution, for a limited federal government, a free market, individual liberties and (once upon a time) in fiscal responsibility.  We have (as a nation) encouraged the citizenry to reach for the stars — to live out the American Dream, as long as they abided by our laws.  Is it any wonder that immigrants across the globe would want to come to America for the opportunities?  I question what is now meant in Coming to America?

American Flag

In an age in which our national security is not a priority, domestically or abroad, our elected officials are trying to further weaken our “security”.  We’re “not just” Americans, says our new secretary of state, but “citizens of the world.” And globalism comes before “protecting the country from catastrophic attack,” says our top general.  That’s right, we are not to be patriots embracing American Exceptionalism, instead we are to be good citizens of the world.  On Jan. 31, Obama’s Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey gave Coast Guard cadets the full Obama line: There are four “national interests” now guiding the military. And in that ranking, “our contribution to the stability of the global economic system” comes before our armed forces’ duty “to protect the country from a catastrophic attack.”

Just a few weeks ago, the US voted in favor of the UN Arms Trade Treaty.  Secretary of State John Kerry welcomed the approval of “a strong, effective and implementable arms trade treaty that can strengthen global security while protecting the sovereign right of states to conduct legitimate arms trade.” He stressed that the treaty applies only to international trade “and reaffirms the sovereign right of any state to regulate arms within its territory.”   Although the Senate has vowed to oppose Senate ratification of the treaty.  Yes, the same Senate that is attempting to push Immigration Reform.

The “Gang of Eight” immigration bill would initially exempt undocumented immigrants from an existing law that prohibits legal entry or status adjustments to any immigrant who is at risk of becoming a public charge, or primarily reliant on government benefits for survival.

The above is an excerpt from Illegals Skate on ‘Public Charge’ Rule in Gang of Eight Bill – Daily Caller.   I feel it is imperative to discuss the immigration reform specifically allowing illegal aliens to skate on the public charge rule.  A Senate Budget Committee aide said,

“By removing this pre-screening standard for illegal immigrants, the Gang’s proposal will expose taxpayers to extraordinary risks. Amnestied illegal immigrants will have immediate access to state and local benefits and access to federal benefits most likely through their family members (with no requirement to earn a living necessary to support their families without federal help).”

Our national debt is nearing $17 Trillion.  We haven’t cut back our budget, we’ve only marginally cut back our increases.  We now have the Gang of 8 bi-partisan “leaders” (used VERY loosely here) not only wanting to add to our costs (which we cannot afford), but do so in a way to that further weakens our country, and I believe, seriously weakens our belief that we are a nation of laws.

With our current immigration laws, we are certainly not protected from immigrants coming to America to do us harm.  “It is becoming increasingly apparent that the Boston bombers rejected, rather than embraced, American values so much so that they sought to terrorize the Nation by killing and crippling women and children.”  Certainly, with the proposed immigration reform, our citizenry will be in more peril.  When most Americans hear about illegal immigration, they think about the Hispanic population — the cheap labor that homebuilders and restaurants claim they cannot live without.  Hispanics are not the only illegal immigrants.

As for the majority of Islamic immigrants, most refuse to become part of America’s melting pot. They cling to their unforgiving religion and medieval traditions. Among them are radicals who preach jihad against America. An even smaller minority will accept this call to arms, people like the alleged killer at Fort Hood, Texas, or the terrorists in Boston.  Marathon bombings mastermind Tamerlan Tsarnaev was living on taxpayer-funded state welfare benefits even as he was delving deep into the world of radical anti-American Islamism, the Herald has learned.

Last week, Representative Peter King (R-N.Y.), a member of the House Committee on Homeland Security, said the Federal government needs to take its blinders off when it comes to immigration.  “I do believe that whether it’s Chechnya or whether it’s really any countries from areas where there is fighting going on–particularly terrorist fighting–that we have to be extra careful, extra scrupulous.”

Today, I see that our beloved Republic, the “melting pot”, has instead become a divisional geographic location.  Our administration has declared war on its very own citizenry, passing laws to obliterate our Bill of Rights.  Instead of immigrants coming to America to embrace our laws, culture and the American Dream, the immigration reform proposed encourages immigrants to not only break our laws but profit from it, on the backs of hard-working American taxpayers, all the while leaving our borders wide open and unsecured. These new immigrants will be enslaved to the federal government tit, as are so many Americans already.  Ever heard of the “Eight Stages of Democracy”?

I see the fabric of our beloved country disintegrating along with our liberties. It is past time for patriots to arise and be heard.  Write and call your elected officials, talk with friends and neighbors.  Our elected officials are supposed to represent YOU, not each other or a “one world order”.  I’m not even sure if we can save it at this point, but we must try.  For if we do not, what are we leaving for our grandchildren?  How much is your freedom worth?

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