Speaking Directly to the Teachers of Alvin ISD with Regard to the Upcoming School Board Elections

This upcoming Alvin ISD School Board election will be a very important one for you as a teacher.

school_board_electionI believe that most teachers still want to give their students, their children, the very best education that can be afforded. They want the very best educational outcome as can be accomplished for every student, based on their abilities. I believe that if you as teachers want to see your profession continue in the honor and tradition in which it has always been held… you might carefully consider the long term future for your profession if the current educational system in this state is allowed to continue on it’s current course. A course I might add completely supported by the Alvin ISD administration and their current four vote, “rubber stamp” board. I would suspect that for most teachers, it’s what it will mean for the children’s education and futures that bothers them most.

It seems everyday I’m reading of more and more cases where teachers are quitting in anger and disgust at what is being done to our educational system; not only here in Texas but know that these problems now exist across the nation. Every teacher is aware of the controversy over CSCOPE and Common Core, with iCLOUD coming down the pipe. I  believe it fair to say that we could C_Scope_Logo [Converted]probably agree that much of what has been exposed of CSCOPE does not bode well for arguing that it supports the “traditional educational values” that the parents, students and taxpayers of Alvin ISD would want to see… maybe this stuff would fly in California or New York, but I need not remind you, this is Texas. I’d go so far as to bet there are more than a few teachers out there that would agree with me.

If you ask, as most teachers might, who is behind all this and how is this happening?  I think you might be a bit surprised to know that it’s all those fine “alphabet soup” organizations… you know them well… TASB, TASA, NASB, AASB, AASPA, TEPSA, TASPA, the list is very long.  At their heart, these organizations are little more than another source of lobbying money for the political left and those seeking to control the education of America’s children, all the while stating that it is “for the children”.  The alphabet soup organizations help to fund Save Texas Schools, who are against parental control and involvement, believing a child’s education is best left in the hands of the administrations.  Melissa Harris-Perry has aligned herself with these organizations, stating “Our children are not our private property.  This is about whether we as a society, expressing our collective will through our public institutions, including our government, have a right to impinge on individual freedoms in order to advance a common good.” Hear her comments if you have not… [click here]. Honestly, I am open to anyone who would like to argue that this is anything short of an endorsement of Socialism as a political philosophy for educating our children.

What EVERYONE needs to understand is that these organizations are funded by YOUR SCHOOL DISTRICT’S TAX DOLLARS… taking vast sums of money away from new schools, better curriculums, special student programs… playground equipment… whatever… all for what? So that these organizations can “buy” the influence they need in Austin to ensure their status and politically liberal/progressive agenda is allowed to be maintained and grow. I would say that enough money is spent on your state representatives and senators to ensure that any bill these organizations oppose will usually die a quick death in committee.

It needs to be stated that as a “right to work” state, we don’t have teacher “unions” in Texas… what we get instead are these organizations, the TASB, TASA, etc…  again, funded by your School District tax dollars, taking away from the needs of the children.  So far this year the Alvin ISD has spent almost $20,000 on just TASB fees/dues alone. How many fundraisers have the parents and children had to have to raise a little bit of money for some new playground equipment or the like?  And yet $20,ooo to just the TASB so far this school year. How many times have you hesitated to ask for something because you felt it might get turned down? And remember, Alvin ISD had something close to a 16 million dollar surplus last year.

So, here’s my take… sure the Alvin ISD administration says it supports you the teachers, the children, but what priorities are they setting when the children have to go out and fundraise for some playground equipment but the administration’s lobbying friends get $20,000. And remember again, it’s your hard earned tax dollars that your administration is using to fund these liberal lobbying groups.

So if it’s OK with you that your educational system is being usurped by these organizations, that your Administration is managed by basically that which is a liberal lobbying organization, that your tax dollars meant for education are actually going to support a VERY liberal/progressive agenda, that the curriculums are becoming more indoctrination than education,  than OK… I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree.

If on the other hand, you agree that this increasingly rapid unraveling of the fabric of education in America needs to stop… you need to do just 2 things…

1. Understand who the “administration” candidates are. These candidates have in one case have proven they serve the administration, “rubber stamping” as instructed and fully supporting these liberal lobbying organizations. The other candidate, who does not hide her administration backing, has no experience in serving and is assured to be another “rubber stamp” to the administration.  If you believe in our Republic as a form of government, then follow with me my argument in that a School Board which serves their Administration does not and cannot serve the taxpayers and, therefore, usurps our representation.

2. Vote, with early voting on April 29- May 7th and with the election on May 11th… you shouldn’t have a problem.

And who do we endorse?

Eddie Martinez - SignWell, if you know Eddie Martinez, that’s all that needs to be said… but I would loudly ask what has Eddie done to lose the Administration’s support? Why are they so vigorously now supporting his opponent? What has Eddie done to earn their wrath? Eddie, who has served the district with all the commitment, integrity and dedication as any teacher could ask for out of a Board Trustee. Because Eddie believes it appropriate to ask questions, to hold the Administration accountable when they screw up, to voice his opinion on issues; he’s now been “targeted” for removal from the board. Eddie has represented you as teachers faithfully, honorably and respectfully for many years, he not only deserves, he now needs your support to be re-elected.

Mark Patterson - Sign Mark Patterson is also running. Many of you may know Mark. Mark is a lifelong Alvin resident and has served on the Alvin School Board previously for three years.  Mark is running again to make sure there is good communication between Alvin ISD and its citizens, to explore all options to improve our educational system and bring test scores up, and to make sure 100% of the students have what they can rely on and use for their careers upon graduation. Mark is also very familiar with the issues on the Alvin ISD School Board in that he has had to deal with them before. Mark is prepared to help restore a level of integrity, honesty and leadership to the Alvin ISD School Board that we have not seen in this position currently. 

If you have read now this far, thank you for taking the time to allow me to make my arguments  We may not agree on everything, but I think you know who will serve you, the teachers, the students, the parents, the taxpayers best.

Eddie Martinez (Pos. 5) and Mark Patterson (Pos. 4) need your support and vote.

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