CCISD Must Be Feeling the Pressure, Because They are Misrepresenting the Facts in Order to Win

“The advancement and diffusion of knowledge is the only guardian of true liberty.” ― James Madison

By Sheri Edwards

I am proud to call Lianne Russell (political activist and Campaign Manager for Nick Long) and Tanya Robertson (President of CLTP) my friends. As a campaign manager, conservative activist, taxpayer and voter, Lianne has worked tirelessly to disseminate the facts about the CCISD bond election which asks for 367 Million dollars that supports 43 schools. This is $8,500,000 per school that has 39,000 students. Both Tanya and Lianne have been tireless advocates against CScope which is a socialist curriculum that is veiled in the Type 2 TASA curriculum which CCISD uses as a Region 4 Texas school. Both have raised questions about the upcoming School Bond and Board of Trustees election being held May 11, 2013 that CCISD is hosting as well as their catering to their selected demographic group that would give them, “the win”. Would we have trusted President Obama to count the votes last November instead of election officials who are required to be objective? It sounds to me that CCISD is used to getting what they want, when they want it, by frustrating potential voters by moving election machines around so that voters don’t know where to vote during specific hours of the day. And when citizens dare to speak out about their practices, they go gunning for them with their tyrannical claws.

Most recently, CCISD has threatened an elected member of government in League City in their attempt to bully their opponents into silence and paralysis.  I have learned that one Council Member received a threatening email from a CCISD employee concerning public information that reflects the need for a new stadium as nothing more than propaganda by CCISD. In fact, CCISD could save taxpayers additional monies by refurbishing the existing Veterans Memorial Stadium at an approximate $25 million savings instead of building an additional new stadium. This plan for the refurbishment is public information and available on their website.

Facts and truth do not matter to the CCISD Board of Trustees or Administration.  It is true that both Lianne and Tanya were given actual ballots by mistake at the Harris County Elections Division in Houston on April 2, 2013. It is also true that Lianne Russell signed a “number count” sheet for the 160 ballots that were supposed to be Mail In Ballot Applications. The limit for an individual to pick up is 200 so it was not unexpected to sign a number count sheet.  It is also true that Stan Stanart has taken full responsibility for the mistake and protocols are now in place to prevent this from happening in the future. Photo ID and Contact information for the person responsible for picking up ballots is just one of the processes that have been implemented by the Harris County Elections Division.  Even when presented with the truth, CCISD used the full scope of resources afforded to them to file a criminal complaint against Lianne Russell. Knowing that there was no criminal intent to defraud or misrepresent her identity, CCISD ignored the truth and ran a smear campaign against Ms. Russell.

CCISD contacted their favorite reporter at the Galveston Daily News, and he wrote a short, but skewed article attacking the integrity of Lianne and Tanya, and contacted the Harris County DA before Lianne and Tanya knew that there was even a problem. In fact, CCISD never contacted either Lianne or Tanya but spent their time filing frivolous criminal allegations.  Isn’t this tantamount to filing a false complaint?

As reported by David Jennings, “The two women never represented themselves as officials of CCISD. I know that because I talked to Harris County Clerk Stan Stanart this morning, something the Mr. Aulds should have done.

Stanart went further to explain that the integrity of the election was never in jeopardy. After receiving the call from CCISD, and figuring out what happened, the serialized ballots were cancelled, and the women were asked to return them. They did return them immediately, unopened. Stanart contacted the District Attorney’s and advised them of the situation. He also advised them that there was no intent on the part of the two women to obtain ballots fraudulently.

It is apparent that CCISD has failed in the class of Anti-Bullying and do not mind bullying others who disagree with their positions. There is absolutely no need to build a new stadium. There is absolutely no need to furnish wireless tablets to elementary on up to high school. While building a smorgasbord of wants and not needs, CCISD is going for the whole enchilada with their bond referendum while ignoring their failed policies that will penalize taxpayers. There is a need to address the PPAC issue which is an Obamacare fine per teacher that falls under the required salaries that Obamacare has created. CCISD has been notified of this fine and has repeatedly failed to take action to prevent the fines.

It is an all-out tactical and political assault by CCISD to smear and destroy those to speak against them. In the Galveston Daily News whose readership has declined due to a new subscription policy, the article reads like a crime was committed and that Lianne Russell is nothing more than a thief and a low life campaign manager who will violate law to win. This could not be further from the truth but then again, CCISD has repeatedly ignored the truth as evidenced.

You can read the public statement from Tanya Robertson, as posted by David Bellows of concerning the series of events that took place from Tuesday, April 2nd through Thursday April 4th, 2013.

It is time for us to come together and fight back for our rights as parents and taxpayers against the Public Education system and schools like CCISD.  In light of the recent promo as aired by MSNBC, school systems believe that our children are theirs. They believe that they are co-parents. In light of the recent progressive promo by MSNBC, we are now just learning how truly powerful and evil our school system has become and how our children are in more than danger than we ever expected. To learn more, click this link.

Remember to vote May 11. Vote No to the CCISD Bond and Vote Yes to Nick Long, Candidate for CCiSD Board of Trustees.

You can find times and locations by visiting:

Nick Long For CCISD
CCISD Voting Locations and Hours

“He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.” — Adolph Hitler

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