Alvin School Board Candidate Tonini already violating School Board policy; What then should we expect from her if elected?

If you are a taxpayer, parent and voter within the Alvin ISD School District then please take a quick look at the two photos below… it is important to understand the significance of what you are looking  at.

illegally placed signs 1 illegally placed signs 2

Both of this photos show examples of what is now being done by School Board candidate Nicole Tonini, running for Alvin ISD Trustee, Pos. 5.

It is an absolutely clear violation of Alvin ISD School Board policy to place signs on school district property. And yet, even though Ms. Tonini should be, and one can only reasonably surmise is, AWARE OF THIS! It is not the first time Tonini has run for a Trustee position. Shown are just 2 examples that I came across yesterday. Both of these photos were taken at Alvin ISD school district property. The first photo is on Kirby  by where the new High School is supposed to be built, the second photo is just around the corner on CR 59 where the new Elementary School is going up.

Why would School Board candidate Tonini do something that she knows is against the policies of the very Board she is seeking election to? The answer is actually quite simple… because she KNOWS that the Alvin ISD Administration isn’t going to say anything. Make NO MISTAKE, candidate Tonini is an Alvin ISD Administration “insider”, EXACTLY the type of person that you should not/would not want representing YOU on a School Board.

And the main reason I would want these violations pointed out is simple… if a candidate will so blatantly violate policy in running her campaign, what will she be like if elected?   Haven’t enough problems already been created with the Alvin ISD board because of the lack of integrity, the lack of honesty and significant issues already with not being able to adhere to Alvin School Board policies?

Make NO MISTAKE about it… Nicole Tonini is being supported by the Alvin ISD Administration as “their candidate”… and she’d probably be right… THEY WOULD NOT ever say anything and certainly wouldn’t ask her to remove the signs.

This upcoming election is YOUR opportunity to truly make a difference for the better, to “fix” the problems on the Alvin ISD School Board.

How long are YOU as a taxpayer and voter going to allow the Alvin ISD Administration to control and run the Alvin ISD School Board?

Early voting starts April 29th – May 7th, with the election on May 11th.

Please vote for: Eddie Martinez, Pos. 5  Eddie is currently serving on the School Board and has been as consistent and as hard working for the students, taxpayers and parents as anyone could hope to have represent them. Eddie has served YOU the taxpayers and parents and will only continue to do so… he will not serve as a “rubber stamp” to the Administration and their every desire which is all that the Administration is wanting and are fighting so hard now to maintain since they currently still control the majority of the School Board. Why, when it is the School Administration who originally supported Eddie are they fighting so hard now to see him defeated? Simple answer again, they haven’t been able to and don’t “control” him. Eddie certainly deserves your support and vote.

Eddie_Martinez - Banner

Please vote for:  Mark Patterson, Pos 4  Mark is a lifelong Alvin resident and has served on the Alvin School Board previously for three years (2009 – 2012).  Mark is running again to make sure there is good communication between Alvin ISD and its citizens, to explore all options to improve our educational system and bring test scores up, and to make sure 100% of the students have what they can rely on and use for their careers upon graduation. Mark is also very familiar with the issues on the Alvin ISD School Board, he has had to deal with them before. Mark is prepared to help restore integrity, honesty and visionary leadership to the Alvin ISD School Board… Mark certainly deserves your support and vote.

Mark Patterson-banner

School Board elections ARE important because your children’s education and futures ARE important… get informed as to the issues, the candidates and make sure you vote! Let’s put an end to the problems… let’s restore the Alvin ISD School Board to one we can ALL be proud of.

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