Alvin ISD School Board President Wennerstrom apparently has failing, if not faulty memory


Alvin ISD School Board President Tiffany Wennerstrom apparently has a failing if not faulty memory… In her recent blog posting she noted the following in reference to an agenda item from the last board meeting:

“Item 15 was a resolution against vouchers. This was something I asked to be placed on the agenda at the February meeting. However, when no legislation had been filed by our March meeting I decided it was best to pull the item. Putting the item on and taking it off was a decision not done without a lot of prayer and discussion with several people. When the item came up for discussion Dr. Brent suggested that it be pulled. I still believe vouchers are bad for public education, but that is something for another blog. I was concerned however, that leaving it on the agenda when it did not appear necessary would cause a division in the board that we just do not need at this time.”

SHE DECIDED ?? Really?  Don’t know how else to describe this as other than an outright convenient memory lapse (in non-political circles this would be called a lie). All you as a voter need to do is go listen to the audio of the Alvin Board meeting… Click [here], go to the 2:00:20 mark and listen… the audio tells the truth…. you will hear Dr. Brent “recommend” to pull the resolution;  and, if you had been there, you would also have seen the absolutely shocked look on Trustee Wennerstrom’s face. Let’s discuss again, WHO actually runs our school board?

As far as there not being any legislation filed… it’s important to note that both Dr. Brent and Trustee Wennerstrom were not exactly honest about there not being any legislation having been filed concerning school vouchers.  HJR 31“Proposing a constitutional amendment prohibiting the authorization or funding of an elementary or secondary education voucher program”, was filed on 11/12/12 and referred to the Texas House Education Committee on 2/6/13.  Seems to me it would have been appropriate to have voted to support this bill if they’d wanted to. Obviously, since the excuse they have now both given doesn’t really hold water, there must have been a different motive for pulling the resolution. Could it possibly be that Dr. Brent understood that with the election only a couple months away, that maybe it wasn’t a good idea politically to have Trustee Wennerstrom push through the anti-voucher resolution? Which by the way she is strongly in favor of… wants to keep in line with the TASB (Texas Association of School Boards) effort to keep vouchers as far away from the parents and taxpayers as possible.

Yes, Trustee Wennerstrom feels that “vouchers are bad for public education” but the key word is “public”. Be assured President Wennerstrom is very much against giving parents and taxpayers a choice in educating their children somewhere other than what has quickly become public state-run indoctrination programs. Is your School Board President so afraid that in an “open” market Alvin ISD could not stand the competition? Taxpayers should understand that it’s the District Administration that doesn’t want vouchers… and they control the majority vote on the board. All you have to do is become educated as to the CSCOPE and Common Core curriculum programs to understand what Lenin meant when he said:  “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.

And why is Alvin School Board President Tiffany Wennerstrom so adamant against vouchers? Could it be because the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) is lobbying so hard against any vouchers. And who is the TASB… it is the liberal/progressive union lobbying organization that your school district tax dollars are paying to help fund… Wait till you hear how much of your tax money is being spent on these organizations like the TASB and the Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA), which is just another liberal/progressive union lobbying organization. Do you want your tax dollars being spent to support these liberal union organizations?  Alvin ISD Board President Wennerstrom certainly does. She and others of the Administration and a couple other Trustees are getting ready to spend at least $10,000 or more to spend a “vacation” week in San Diego attending the National Association of School Board (NASB) annual convention… sounds like it would be worthwhile doesn’t it? I would suggest that you ask one of the three Trustees who still serve the taxpayers why they aren’t attending… one of them called it “a complete waste of time and money”.

What also was left conveniently and completely out of President Wennerstrom’s blog about the meeting was any mention of the several citizens who spoke during the Open Forum. She selectively chose to completely ignore and I guess forgets about the continuing legal issues with this school board and this administration’s recent admitted policy violations which the Texas Education Agency (TEA) is still conducting a formal investigation of.  Wennerstrom chooses to completely ignore that we have a Trustee who will now have to account for if not at least one, possibly two counts of Nepotism (which by President Wennerstrom’s silence she condoned for at least the past couple of years).

And just to make another important point a recent quote from Wennerstrom’s campaign Facebook page states: “My opponent is backed by people who always vote! These are the same people who won the election last year by TWO votes! PLEASE don’t let that happen to our students again! They need you!”

What is it exactly that happened to the students??? Aren’t you as a taxpayer tied of hearing… “it’s for the children”? Did the taxpayers, parents and voters within Alvin ISD actually get out and vote in the last election.. Yes, they did. And have the taxpayers, parents and voters been better served on the Alvin ISD School Board since the last election… Yes, they have (as best as possible, let me say)…  School Board Trustee and  President Wennerstrom’s re-election is, in our opinion, the last thing that the taxpayers, parents, voters of Alvin ISD should want to see happen.

So what’s REALLY the problem on the Alvin ISD School Board?

Having now observed the Alvin ISD School Board for some time it’s easy to see what the problem is… Wennerstrom, like trustees Harris, McCauley and Metoyer all serve the administration, not the taxpayers. They have apparently willingly abdicated their representation and therefore their vote, over to the employees, that being the Administration. In talking to many residents around Alvin, if you ask them how long the Administration has controlled the board, the usual answer is “longer than I can remember”.  This is NOT how it’s supposed to work and it needs to be changed.

I find it interesting that argumentatively, the weakest member of the School Board, when it comes to leadership, vision and knowledge, is the board President? (After 3 years, would someone PLEASE  get this trustee a class on Robert’s Rules of Order.)

Unless the taxpayers and parents of the Alvin ISD start taking note of the problems and issues that are now coming to light, nothing will change.

How can control of the Alvin ISD School Board be returned back to the taxpayers and parents? 

Get educated as to the issues, get involved, and if nothing else make sure you vote in the Alvin ISD election on May 11th for someone who appreciates what a Representative School Board is supposed to look like. Early voting is from April 29th – May 7th.  The upcoming election will allow the voters to return one (and it’s NOT Trustee Wennerstrom) and elect another strong leader to the Alvin ISD School Board.

The primary tactic that school district administrations use to ensure they remain in control of their boards is to keep the elections “low-key” and they count on voter apathy. Having effectively control of the 2,000+ voters that are the teachers and administration in the district, make it difficult for “non-administration” candidates to be successful… which is why it’s so important for you to get out and vote in these elections. Don’t ask your child’s teacher either, consider that their criteria are directly in conflict usually with the taxpayers when it comes to electing School Board members… if the teacher tells you to vote for say “Tammy” and “Bill” is running against “Tammy”, you might just want to vote for “Bill”.

We have a representative form of government… we, the taxpayers and parents, are supposed to be represented by those we elect. Those we elect are NOT supposed to turn around once elected and abdicate their vote over to those that are supposed to serve them… the administration.

If you want to see this changed….

Eddie Martinez is running for re-election as Trustee Pos. 5 and has been as faithful and as hard working a representative to the taxpayers and parents as we could ask for. Click [Here] to see more about Eddie.

Eddie_Martinez - Banner

Mark Patterson, having the proven experience and leadership of serving on the Alvin School Board previously, is running against Trustee Wennerstrom.  The experience and leadership that Mark Patterson would bring to the board would be a welcome addition and would assure the board returned to the control of the taxpayers and parents of the Alvin ISD. Click [Here] to see more about Mark.

Mark Patterson-banner

As many elections do, this one will give Alvin ISD voters a VERY clear choice.

Do you want the Alvin ISD School Board working and representing you the taxpayers and parents, or serving the agenda of the district Administration and the liberal “school” unions ?

So yes, SCHOOL BOARD ELECTIONS ARE IMPORTANT… cast a vote that will protect the future of education for your children:

Early voting will start on April 29th and continues through May 7th….with a May 11th election – let’s FIX THE PROBLEM within the Alvin ISD School Board and VOTE for Mark Patterson and Eddie Martinez !

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