Clear Lake TEA Party continues the Citizen Lobbyist Effort

Clear Lake  TEA Party

It was an honor and a pleasure to have the opportunity yesterday to accompany Clear Lake TEA Party members Dale Huls, Geri Bentley and Eva Brown on a day of “Citizen Lobbying” in Austin. The Clear Lake TEA Party is well known for it’s WatchDog and Citizen Lobbying efforts. I had not been to Austin since January 2011 and have never really been “shown the ropes” around the State Capitol. I will say that everyone we visited was very open and willing to listen. I think that our elected officials are just absolutely inundated with paid lobbyists and  when “good old everyday citizens / voters” show up to be heard, they welcome the break.

We made several stops throughout the day, visiting briefly with my State Representative Ed Thompson, discussing issues with CSCOPE and Common Core. We visited with James White, Dist. 19, whom I found to be very generous with his time and discussed a League City issue with Gerri Bentley. I have to agree with Councilwoman Bentley, if League City is going to hire an internal auditor, they should report to no one else other than the City Council.

We had the opportunity to talk with Terri Hall founder of Texas TURF and although expecting her 9th child is in Austin working tirelessly for YOU the taxpayers of Texas to keep our future roads from being sold and turned into toll roads. Read all about Texas TURF and then send them something to help support their effort… [Click Here].

We were very cordially welcomed by Sen. Dan Patrick’s Chief of Staff, Logan Spence. After discussing CSCOPE and educational issues, we let him get back to work.

We stopped by at several Committee Meetings/Hearings and listened in for a bit.

Bottom line is this… I went to get my feet wet so to say and was shown how easy it is to have your voice heard on issues. Every taxpayer, voter, Texan who has a passion for a particular issue or pending bill should make the trip to Austin, see our Republic at work, and have your voice heard.

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