Hate the Game, Not the Player – Texas State Representative Ed Thompson Deserves the Opportunity to Prove Himself

I picked up on an email thread this morning and it kind of “set me off” a bit in that I saw there was a very important point to be made to a fellow Conservative and Texas patriot.

flag-bearerThis friend of mine is every bit as passionate as I am in our love of country and our Republic as a form of government… but sometimes we all need to step back and focus on the objective. There has been some discussion lately as to the “proper” and “most effective” ways of getting a message out and getting people educated as to the serious issues this country (state/city/School Board) is facing. The belief that by “waking people up” they will immediately see your point of view is not necessarily always the best philosophy. I might analogize and say that if you wake people up with a baseball bat, some of them are going to wake up swinging and won’t hear your message.

So, I penned the following email in hopes that my fellow Texan would perhaps take a bit different perspective.  I am a strong believer in the old adage: “Life is only 10% of what happens to you, 90% how you react to it”. I might again analogize and say that if you’re frustrated with a politician, “the politician is only 10% in a game where the politics is 90%”.

Sometimes we all just need to step back a bit and take a breath… we have serious (very serious) problems facing this country. We have many representing us with agendas and motives other than we would want to see in our elected officials… and yet we must preserve, defend and protect our system… our Constitution. As long as it stands (and it is taking a severe beating these days) our country will stand and America will have the opportunity to see itself rise again… it has always been, it is now, and pray to God, always will be, up to We the People.

Here is the email I sent my friend…. he had written an email complaining that we were getting propaganda and not results from our new first term Texas State Representative Ed Thompson… hopefully I made my  point.


I’m going to assume that you have emailed/called Rep. Thompson as to your positions on the various bills that are working their way through the committees. That you are communicating with Emily Kirchner, his chief-of-staff, as to the progress of the many important bills now making their way through the legislative process? If we can assume you have been… great; If you have not, then why not? The one point that Rep. Thompson has made clear to all of us is that he WANTS to hear from his constituency as to where they stand on legislation and I have found he and his office VERY open to us. He also told me it would be best to have the discussions on the legislation BEFORE it comes up for a vote… might be something we all want to remember.

If your reference to “propaganda” is referring to his Capital Review updates, I would ask, would you rather have nothing? If you see ways that you feel it could be improved, then suggest it to them, I have no doubt that beneficial and creative improvement ideas would be appreciated. Personally, I would like to see the Texas Legislature On-line improved… I find it difficult to find the bills that I’m looking for… it’s almost as if you HAVE to know the bill number before you can find it.. maybe it’s just me.

My son is fond of saying, “Hate the game, Not the player”… and I think he’s right… we can HATE, DESPISE, DETEST, VILIFY the game, but let’s not do it to those willing to step up and be willing to play the game… and it is a game in every sense of the word. It’s a cut throat, lying, nasty, back-stabbing game for which if you choose to even enter the “arena”, you first need to accept that YOU (nor I, or any of us coming in) get to make the rules… and the “arena” has NO room for error… just ask Debra Medina…

I think everyone would agree that Ed Thompson came in under what you, I, others would say was a handicap. No one was happy with the establishment sell-out that Randy Weber became and is perfecting still today. Ed Thompson knows that he’s being watched very carefully by his District… I believe he knows in his heart what is right and good for Texas and his District… I believe him to be a good man and a Christian… all we have to do is keep him honest and true and I think he’ll do a good job for us… but we need to remember what “representative” means… and he can’t do his job if he does not hear from us. If he then ignores us or chooses to represent other interests against those of his District, then we replace him… it really is that simple… “Hate the game, not the player”.

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